Wednesday, 7 December 2011


By: Maggie .M. Mwape
South African President Jacob Zuma has called on governments to be more ambitious as they search for agreement at the UN climate talks.
Mr Zuma described the Durban talks as a "decisive moment" in global climate negotiations’
The Earth is in danger, he said - but deciding what to do about it was a more difficult issue.Twelve heads of state and about 130 ministers have until Friday to decide what outcome they want from the talks.

In their delegations heard analysts confirm that the Earth's surface is on course to warm by about 3.5C (6.3F) by 2100, rather than the 2C (3.6F) that governments have agreed as the maximum here;
Opening the ministerial segment, Mr Zuma described the UN talks, in the coastal city of Durban, as "a decisive moment".
He appealed for all governments to respect the tradition of multilateralism, describing climate change as "a global problem that requires a global solution".
Decisions here need to reflect current and future concerns, he said.
"We are all agreed that the Earth is in danger, and we're all agreed that we must do something about it," he told delegates.
"But the problem is when we've got to say what it is, and how."
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also asked for more ambition, saying that the financial crisis should be a spur .
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon | Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
Mr Ban said that movement towards a green economy was crucial in order to overcome not only climate change, but the coming shortages of natural resources.

"The answer is clear, even if the exact path is not," he said.

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