Thursday, 1 December 2011


The “eco” means environmental, economy / ecology and Justice means fairness. This links environmental and social justice issues and the environmental Justice Approach, “eco-justice”.  In short, it challenges both humanity’s destruction of the earth and the abuse of economic and political power which result in poor people having to suffer the effects of environmental damage.

In today’s world, developing countries such as Zambia are so interlinked with developed countries and that its existence is threatened by the choice and decisions that leaders and countries makes regarding Eco-justice. Zambia is among the countries whose environment and economy/ecology are becoming a pressing issue. All citizens especially the youth of Zambia, Africa and the world at large must begin to work towards Eco-justice by ensuring that they demand for responsible engagement and decisions made by leaders; will create an environment where everyone will make choices that will help our countries take care of the environment and also be empowered economically with consideration to morality in business than profit and damaging effects.

It is in this vain that the World Council of Churches and the Lutheran World Federation of Geneva-Switzerland have come to a realization that young people can place dynamic twists in influencing positive decision in the area of Eco-Justice. They decided to host a Youth for Eco-Justice program in Durban South Africa from 26th November, 2011 to 11th December, 2011. This program focus on the Triple crisis: Global Perspectives on Finance, Development and Environment Poverty, Power and Environment; Eco-no-my of life Approaches and Controversies, Eco-Justice in local context ,Climate Change and Water; and in addition the ever increasing effort for Green Economy. 

In the following months after the training, participants will implement projects in there home countries. I'm privileged to have been given an opportunity to attend this event as a clear indication of the growing desire to have young people participate and engaged actively as solution providers to Eco-Injustice. It must be noted that I also received support from the Civil Society Environment Fund-Zambia (CSEF) to enable me participate in the program and this can never be underestimated in the fight against Eco-Injustices. Thus there must be consolidated efforts together with the Government, Civil Society, Private Sectors, Youth Organizations and media to ensure that every citizen participate in Eco-Justice. 

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