Tuesday, 6 December 2011


By: Maggie .M. Mwape
Youth attending the Eco-Justice Program have began to develop projects to implement in their home context. It is required that each participant develop a project.
To make eco-justice an issue that is to be taken serious there must be dynamic ways of letting it to the public. This will stimulate interest among the community (public), government, politicians and civil society. There must be a combination of pictorial, interface and other written material to putting the puzzle of influence together. We believe that the community and the media could be the start point towards creating demand for policy and development change putting eco-justice at the center. Kafue -Zambia is thus a key community to stimulate demands as example for eco-injustice in these areas are very evident.
It is against this background that Maggie has developed the following projects;
1.      Advocacy on Environment and Sustainability
·         Waste Management Advocacy
·         Disaster Risk Reduction Advocacy
·         Climate Change (Adaptation and Mitigation) Advocacy
2.      Community Act to Know Pollution events
3.      Capacity Building( Training and Recruitment of Youth for Eco - Justice Advocates)
Maggie and Sun Hyun - South Korea Planing wayforward


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