Wednesday, 7 December 2011


By: Maggie .M. Mwape
The Civil Society Environment Fund (CSEF) support CSOs engaged in environmental management in Zambia. Combating environmental threats and improving environmental sustainability require actions from all levels of the society: national and local governments, private sector, and the civil society. At national level, the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources (MTENR) has the main responsibility for environmental management. As environment is a crosscutting issue, several other ministries and agencies also contribute to environmental management.  Here;

CSEF recognize youth rooted in a commitment to environment and climate change justice with an appreciation of the value of young woman's experience. They also believe that challenges that young women face, vary widely across communities, cultures, traditions and countries. Young women themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change. The way in which they do their work is as important as what we do. There philosophy is reflected in the flexible and responsive style of grant making.

Through the great support, passion for young peple and words of wisdom from Matthew Morley - Fund Manager and Chishimba Soko Fund - Administrator, I extend my thanks and gratitude to the CSEF in helping reach my goal by being among 30 youths from different parts of the world in participating in the Eco-Justice Training 2011. The training was organised by the World Council of Churches and the Lutheran World federation.

This was a fantastic experience made possible by Civil Society Environment Fund support. I felt confident through the weeks of training and sacrifices were worth it with a bold smile on my face. The training was tough, but I have made it through up-to the end. Thank you for your ongoing support, it is greatly appreciated and valued. The products that I am supplied with through Sponsored Training are of the highest quality and really give me an edge

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