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Youth Image Solution (YIS) is a youth registered non-governmental organization registered in Zambia. The mandate believes that safe environment is a basic fundamental human right and that individual youths and the general Zambian population have the right to access quality and accurate information on climate change to enable them adapt and mitigate and respond to disasters effectively in affected areas locally and internationally. YIS is also an Earth Charter Youth Group promoting Sustainable Development in Developing Countries like Zambia.

Operation Area
Youth Image Solutions is based in Kafue district with an effort to raise Environmental, climate change and disaster risk reduction awareness by creative and courageous young people to be translated into a movement of advocates for environmental justice. This will produce community sustainable development and help in the eradication of poverty.
Youth Image Solutions (YIS) is a member of the following;
·         Zambian Youth Climate Network (ZYCN)
·         Zambia Climate Change Network (ZCCN)
·         Zambian partners for Climate Justice and Disaster Risk Reduction
·         RHOK- (Random Hacks of Kindness) Zambia group

Youth Image Solutions Experience

 International Level
  • Conference of Parties (COP17) Durban South Africa - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2011
  • Participated at Youth Forum (Young Adults for Results) in 2009(June) Global Humanitarian Forum in Geneva, Switzerland YIS actively participated. This was a Climate Change Forum for the Youths which gathered about 100 youths from different parts of the world including African Countries.
  • Participated in the ‘African Carbon’ conference in Lilongwe, Malawi from 17 to 19November 2010.
National Level
  • Participated actively at the Government Preparatory meeting towards COP16-Mexico. This was a five days intensive meeting in 2010.
  • Participated Actively at the World Bank PPCR-mission for crowd sourcing and crowd feeding ( November 2010)
  • Participated Actively at the 1st ever National Youth Climate change Conference 2010
District level
  • Community Sensitisation on the impacts of climate change using Drama Theatre Groups
  • Consultative meetings with different stakeholders on climate change resilient programs for Kafue District
  • Community meetings on importance of Forest conservation and Afforestation
  • Advocacy on social responsibilities from the Industries of Kafue districts for community development projects.
Summarised Action Plan 2012-2015

District level
Intended projects to be implemented
·          Green Jobs Creation to the Youth through Tree Planting
·          Reduction of risks and vulnerability from floods and droughts
·          Development and Environment Poverty
·          Green Economy -Transition to Poverty Eradication
·          Industries and Environment
·          Climate Change and Water

National Level
  • Consultative Workshop with Government ministries and stakeholders on Global Perspectives on Climate Finance and; Environment and Power
  • ̍Youth For Eco-Justice̍ Conference 2012 (250 - 300 Zambian and International Youths to attend)
  • Consultative Workshop with Media Houses on the Importance of Print Media Coverage of Climate Change ( why environmental organizations should care, and what they can do to achieve greater Coverage)
International Level
  • Participate Actively in the climate change UNFCCC negotiations at COP18 and Beyond
  • Participate actively at the 6th World Youth Congress in Brazil 2012
  • Participate in the Rio+20 Conference 2012 in Brazil
  • Participate in the International Youth Exchange programs
  • Partnership with credible International Youth Organisations
  • Participate actively in climate change, environment and Eco-Justice Youth forums and trainings.
  • Partner with Regional Print Media houses to be reporting on YIS programs in Zambia

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