Wednesday, 7 December 2011


By: Maggie .M. Mwape
In Africa, climate change is far from being abstract. It is already determining the course of people’s lives. Extreme weather events and greater unpredictability in weather patterns are having serious consequenc to climate change is for people who rely on land, lakes and seas to feed themselves and to earn a living.
Africa’s response to climate change is hampered by a fundamental shortage of relevant, useful information for African audiences, such as knowledge transfer regarding research results and good practice examples. Intensive media coverage, campaigns for increasing public awareness and uptake of research results have been largely absent in Africa, particularly outside major urban centres. Africa’s response to climate change will be dictated by the communication of research results to information multipliers and stakeholders who will translate research results into activities on the ground.
The European Union (EU) has financed research on climate change and technology development (R&D) since the 1980s, facilitating the formulation of realistic policy objectives. It is now time, to translate the research results into action and link up to networks between European and African researchers to achieve exchange of knowledge and good practices.
The overall objective of the African Climate proposal is to help translate research into practice by means of widely spreading knowledge on climate change research policies, indigenous knowledge and good practice cases in Africa.

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